Saddleworth Male Voice Choir      


Why not  become a Patron of the choir ?


If you have enjoyed the music and the sound that Saddleworth Male Voice Choir makes then why not become a Patron?  Family, friends and members of the audience can be associated with the choir in this way.

Patrons' donations help towards such costs as purchase of music and uniforms, hire of rehearsal rooms, piano tuning etc.

Many of the Choir's social events are attended by Patrons and, indeed, some of them have accompanied the Choir on overseas trips.


The annual donation is just £15 for an individual, or £20 for a couple.


Patrons receive a twice-yearly newsletter, which keeps them informed of the Choir's events and contains other items of interest.  They are also entitled to a discount on the ticket prices to certain of our concerts.


To become a Patron:


The Patrons Secretary,

Mr J Redfearn, phone 01457 872447, email, or:-


The Treasurer,

Mr C Peacock, phone 01706 522593, email




You can also support the choir as a '100 Club' member -


The purpose of the '100 Club' is to raise funds for the Choir and to support us in our activities.


For just £4.00 per month (preferably by standing order)

you  purchase a "number" which is entered into a monthly prize draw.


Prizes are awarded as below:


Monthly Prizes: First Prize £50; Second Prize £30; Third Prize £20.

Bonus Prize: £100 awarded 4 times a year, in March, June, September, and December.


The amounts depend on the total of money in the prize fund.

Approximately 50% of the total subscribed is awarded in prize money.

The prize amounts are reviewed annually by the Committee.


A copy of the rules is available to all '100 Club' members.


The monthly draw takes place (usually on the first Wednesday) at our rehearsal room,

and the winners are notified directly by the organiser, to whom any queries should be addressed.


To join the '100 Club', contact the Organiser,

Mr. Robert Williams, on 0161 628 2662 or by email to:

to receive a membership application form, your 'draw number' and a Standing Order form.



Your support as a Patron or '100 Club' member (or both !) will be very much appreciated.

    Choir Patrons & '100 Club'