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Do I need previous experience ?

No - many of our members have never sung in public or with a choir before joining us.

There are one or two solo singers in the choir but you really don't need a ‘solo’ voice.

A willingness to learn words and music and a commitment to attend the majority of rehearsals

and concerts is what makes the choir work.

If you prefer to attend a few rehearsals before deciding

whether to become a member, that's not a problem.  



Can I just turn up on a Wednesday night ?

Thats fine - it’s a good idea to arrive a few minutes early, so that you can

be “pointed in the right direction” regarding where to sit and so on.

If possible, contact our Membership Secretary (details on the 'Contact Us' page) to

let him know you are coming, and he will arrange to meet you on arrival.

We can arrange a lift to your first rehearsal if you aren't familiar with Uppermill.

[NB: There can be (rare) occasions when we aren't at our normal rehearsal venue on a Wednesday evening, so

it's as well to check with us in advance to ensure that your intended visit won't involve an unnecessary journey.]



How would I know which 'section' my voice is suitable for ?

There are four sections - 'first tenor', 'second tenor', 'baritone', and 'bass'.

Prospective members often don’t know to which section their voice might be best suited,

so deciding where to place you initially is a good reason to be a few minutes early if possible.

You will be able to try a different section if your initial placing seems unsuitable.



Do I need a voice test or audition ?

Our 'voice test' is much less formal than an audition. It usually happens within a couple of

weeks of first arriving, to make sure you are in the section most appropriate for your voice.

It's very straightforward and takes just a few minutes, with only the Musical Director present.

From there you gradually progress to full participation in concerts - but not until you feel ready.

In the meantime you will be supported by more experienced members around you.



Do I need to be able to read music ?

No - this is useful but not essential, and many of our members aren't music readers.

There are audio tracks for each voice part, available to download from the 'Members Area'

pages of our website - very useful if you aren't a music reader.



Any other questions ?

Our Membership Secretary can answer any further queries - contact him via the details on

the 'Contact Us' page for further information or to arrange a visit to a rehearsal.



Frequently Asked Questions 

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